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Workplace Safety

Food safety lies at the core of all that we do, for all our brands were built on trust. Our customers believe in the quality of our products and through teamwork and dedication, we maintain that trust. This is incredibly important to us. It is our policy at GPI to manufacture products to the highest possible standards as well as quality, and to maintain highest Safety standards.

We at GPI follow the highest standards of Hygiene and work place safety to ensure incident free operations. The employees are regularly trained and refreshed with latest standards and process of ensuring workplace safety . All employees working carry proper health Cards issued by the local authorities in line with standards in vogue.

An impeccable work environment is what we continuously aspire to provide and ensure for our manufacturing environment in line with our stringent safety policies Extensive sanitation and pest control procedures are implemented , monitored & evaluated for 100% incident free manufacturing environment.

Regular safety audits keep us abreast with any gaps and foster continuous monitoring and ensuring compliance.