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Production and Process Controls
All production processes are conducted in accordance with strict sanitation protocol. All cold storage facilities are fitted with temperature gauges and thermographs to facilitate optimum control and efficient monitoring.

Material Handling and Storage
Separate storage facilities are provided for all raw materials, finished products, sanitising agents, toxic compounds, packaging materials, consumables and additives

Raw Materials
Reject and rework materials are inspected, marked accordingly and stored separately.

Finished Products
Finished products are stored in refrigerated facilities where temperatures are constantly monitored. These facilities are constructed from non-corroding, non-toxic materials and maintain effective air-circulation.

Packaging Materials
Packaging materials are stored in two separate rooms, one for corrugated cartons and the other for flexible laminates. The walls and floors are kept clean and proper pest control measures are maintained.


Storage of Consumables
Separate storage facilities have been constructed for consumables and additives. These materials are stored on pallets and issued when needed.

Product Inspection
Product inspection is done to ensure that the manufacturing processes comply to GPI standards and specifications. It is carried out in three stages namely Incoming Raw Materials-, In-Process-, and Finished Product Inspection.
Should it be required, samples from finished products are submitted for organoleptic and bacteriological inspections by QC supervisor. These results are recorded in the Finished Product QC report.

Standard Operating Procedure
Manufacturing process control and quality assurance are crucial prerequisites for a value driven management system. GPI implements this system and ensures that every step is monitored and processed under strict hygiene and sanitation guidelines. Should a complication arise, it immediately gets rectified and corrective action is taken.

Wood Policy
The use of wood in all handling and processing areas is expressly forbidden for all food contact surfaces to prevent contamination.

Glass Policy
At GPI our primary packaging material is glass. We take extra care to prevent breakages. Thorough cleanup procedures in place should such an incident occur. The use of glass, porcelain and enamelware in the food production areas is prohibited.

GPI receives all glass bottles in properly shrink-wrapped packaging from Majan Glass Company in Oman. Upon receiving our glassware, we insure that all bottles are covered with shrink-wrap.